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Surfrider South Texas is now setup on Paypal. This means you can use Paypal to pay for donations, raffle tickets, t-shirts etc. For now we have three items available via paypal relating to our Shindig Fundraiser in February. Please click on the appropriate button to pay for it with Paypal.

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The Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that everyone has a great day and weekend with their families and friends.

We would like to take this time to give thanks to all of y'all for your support, help and participation throughout the year in cleanups, dune harvestings and plantings and International Surfing Day!

We would also like to thank the local businesses that support us through membership and support. These include On the Beach, Island Native, Toucan Graphics, Psychadeli, Paragraphs on Padre Blvd., The Padre Island Brewing Company, Si Creations and our newest supporter, Captain Alan Stewart at Gulfside Sign and Design!

Here is a special Thanksgiving message from Surfrider Foundation CEO Jim Moriarty.
On behalf of Stuart. Leah, John, Mundo, Rachel and Chrissy.......
Have a great Turkey Day!!

On November 3, 2009 Texans will have the opportunity to make access to and the use of Texas Public Beaches a right under the Texas Constitution. If passed, Proposition 9, a proposed constitutional amendment to protect the right of the public, individually and collectively, to access and use the public beaches bordering the seaward short of the Gulf of Mexico, will take the core of the Texas Open Beaches Act, guaranteed public access, and makes it an inalienable right for the millions of Texans and visitors that use Texas beaches every year.
The Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter fully supports the passage of Proposition 9 and asks that on November 3, 2009 you to vote to keep Texas beaches open! For more information on Proposition 9 and ways you can help, please visit

Surfriders and Friends,

This Hula Couple Loves to go to the beach but one day they find it closed. Please don't let this happen in Texas. Vote For Proposition 9 on November 3 and make Public Beach Access a Constitutional Right!

Thanks to Glenn, Sarah and Arlene McKinlay for this awesome Prop 9 vid!

Link to Document on Prop 9 Download Prop 9 Document

Next beach cleanup Sept 26th at Dolphin Cove 9AM.



It is the position of all four Texas Chapters of the Surfrider Foundation that the amendment to HB770 (begins at line23 on page 1 and ends at line 24 on page 2) introduced by Representative Mike Hamilton on behalf of Representative Wayne Christian to allow homeowners to rebuild on the public beach on Bolivar Peninsula has compromised what may have been a very beneficial bill in HB770 by adding wording that undermines the Texas Open Beaches Act (Section 61 of the Texas Natural Resources Code) and sets a dangerous precedent for the entire Texas Coast and the public’s right to access and use Texas’ public beaches. For the following reasons, The Surfrider Foundation would like to see HB770 vetoed by Governor Rick Perry.

HB770 now represents the overruling of the Texas Open Beaches Act (Section 61 of the Texas Natural Resources Code). Though just designated for Bolivar, this bill sets a dangerous precedent for future erosional events for the entire Texas Coast.

The Texas Open Beaches Act (Section 61 of the Texas Natural Resources Code) provides for the unrestricted access to, from and use of the public beach by all 24 million Texans and the millions of visitors that vacation on them every year. The public beach is a moving easement and in the wake of Hurricane Ike, the front row property and home owners of Bolivar have found their land within this easement as is clear by the attached image from the Texas General Land Office. The black line is the newly established 5' elevation line that is now the new Line of Vegetation. Representative Christian's lot is the sixth from the lower right corner on both images. By allowing Representative Christian and the rest of the homeowners on Bolivar to rebuild will be detrimental to public use and access to the beaches of Bolivar and provide a precedent for private ownership of Texas Beaches.

Representative Christian's original bill, HB4025, was properly filed in the Texas House of Representatives and through proper procedure was tabled and killed by the House Land and Resources Committee. What Representative Christian has done with HB770 is circumvent the public's, Texas Legislative Committees' and Legislators' testimony and input of his amendment and essentially forced Governor Perry to veto the entire bill. In our opinion this is unethical and unconstitutional.

Representative Christian, the homeowners of Bolivar as well as the rest of the Texas Gulf Coast know the risk in buying and developing property along Texas' barrier islands and coastline. Every prospective buyer is shown and signs at closing a Texas Open Beaches Act Disclosure Statement making them aware that they are at risk of losing their land and homes in the event that the public beach easement moves landward. For this reason alone, Representative Christian or any homeowner is not a victim of a "takings" or land grab from the Texas Government or Texas Agencies.

Finally, the Texas Open Beaches Act (Section 61 of the Texas Natural Resources Code) has been continually upheld by the Texas Judicial System. This most recently occurred with the ruling of State District Judge Patrick Sebata that the Texas Open Beaches Act was indeed constitutional in 2007.

It is the opinion and position of the Surfrider Foundation that Representative Wayne Christian does not have a constitutional or legal leg to stand on and instead has selfishly chosen to compromise a bill to benefit himself and a few select property owners over the 24 million Texans who's right it is to have access to and use Texas' beaches.

We respectfully urge you to encourage Governor Rick Perry to veto HB770 and uphold the sanctity of the Texas Open Beaches Act.




Vote at


We're excited to announce our participation in this year's Surfrider Foundation Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project. The Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project was launched in 2007 to help raise awareness and support for the Surfrider Foundation and its efforts to protect and preserve our world's oceans, waves and beaches through a series of beach restoration events.

We're inviting members, friends, family, coworkers and other people the age of 21+ to VOTE DAILY for South Padre Island at . The winning location will receive funds to help with campaign work and other programs and host a beach cleanup and celebration event on Saturday, August 23, 2008.

As special thanks to volunteers, singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman, after joining volunteers on the beach, will perform live at the special celebration. Guests will also enjoy beach-inspired bites and Barefoot Wine and Bubbly.

Voting ends July 15, so be sure to cast your vote at

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Submits Sealed Proposal For Andy Bowie RFP
On Friday, March 14, Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter submitted a sealed proposal to the Cameron County Purchasing Department in response to RFP #080204 which requested proposals to develop a time share hotel resort on all or a portion of Tract 1, 20.91 acres, inside Andy Bowie County Park on South Padre Island.   We are simply asking Cameron County to leave Andy Bowie a public park for use by the residents and visitors of Cameron County under the control of the County Parks System without the development of a private time share hotel resort.  On Tuesday, March 18 the sealed proposals were opened and acknowledged during the regular Commissioners Court weekly meeting.

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter believes that allowing this development to go forward in Andy Bowie Park is a direct contradiction to Cameron County Park's mission statement, "To provide safe, quality outdoor recreation opportunities to the citizens and visitors of Cameron County at an affordable price and to develop and protect the County's coastal resources and natural habitats."   The South Texas Chapter of Surfrider Foundation fails to see how the development of a hotel resort will protect the County's coastal resources and natural habitats.  Furthermore, allowing this project in Andy Bowie Park, a public county park, will reopen the door to Isla Blanca Park by setting a precedent for allowing private hotel resorts in County public parks.

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter is of the opinion that all of Cameron County's public parks are exactly that, public land that is to be used by all of the citizens of Cameron County.  It is not the Cameron County Parks business to be leasing out this public land to private resort developers at a premium price when other privately owned land is available to be purchased for the purpose of private development.  All one has to do is refer to the Cameron County Parks mission statement to define the boundaries and duties of the County parks system.

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter urges all concerned citizens of Cameron County to call, write or email your County Commissioners, Judge and Parks Directors and express your opposition and concern in regard to the private development of Andy Bowie Park and all other Cameron County Parks.  The following is a list of Cameron County Commissioners and Park Directors and their contact information:

Judge Carlos Cascos:
(866) 544-0830

Sofia Benevides (Commissioner Pct.1)
(956) 574-8167

John Wood (Commissioner Pct.2)
(956) 983-5091

David Garza (Commissioner Pct.3)
(956) 361-8209

Edna Tamayo (Commissioner Pct.4)
(956) 427-8069

Javier Mendez (Park Director)
(956) 761-3700

Joe E. Vega (Deputy Park Director)
(956) 761-3700

Check out these important news items:

  • Jan 31, 2008 - ASR, Ltd to make a presentation to SPI Board of Alderman at special meeting at 5:30 PM at the Municiple Complex. ASR, Lmt is the top artificial surfing reef contractor in the world.
  • Feb 15, 2008 - Winter Beach Cleanup at Dolphin Cove. Cleanup starts at 9AM and continues to 12PM. Gloves, bags and drinks provided.

Mission Statement
"The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education."

Texas is the only state in the nation that has an Open Beaches Act.
Landward of the mean high water or mean higher high water line, which delineates the boundary of state-owned submerged lands, beaches can be privately owned, but are subject to the public beach easement, allowing the public free and unrestricted access to and use of the beach.

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